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Cletus Take the Reel


Tim Hawkins

Cletus Take the Reel is a song that Tim Hawkins wrote. It is a parody of Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel". It tells the story of how Tim was fishing with Cletus, but then he tragically pulled a muscle, and Cletus had to save him. It was later made into a music video.


I was fishing last Friday on a lake in Mississippi in the humid summer heat On a boat with my best friend Cletus who was sleeping in the back seat Well the bites were slow and we were running low on chips and Gatorade It'd been a long hard day [ Lyrics from:

Felt a tug on the line and I didn't pay attention it was spinning way to fast Before I knew it I was staring at a ten pound shiny bass When I tried to pull the fish inside I pulled a muscle in my upper thigh I was so scared I threw my rod up in the air

Cletus take the reel Take it from my hand Cause I can't do it on my own I'm letting go and I need your help bad And if you don't my fish is gone Oh Cletus take the reel

Oh I'm letting go And I need your help bad And if you don't my fish is gone On this boat I'm on Cletus take the reel Oh take it take it from me