Insanitized is a recent DVD and tour by Tim Hawkins. The name comes from the Insanitized comedy in the show. The DVD was recoreded at the Carson Center in Paducah, Kentucky.


The top front of the DVD displays the building where Tim Hawkins performs. The middle has the title, while the bottom has an image of Tim Hawkins during the performance.

The back of the case says at the top "70 minutes of stupitidy from Tim. Enjoy." To the middle left there is the list of bonus features (See below). Right below that in the center, text says "Recorded live at the world-class Carson Center, Paducah, Kentucky." Directly below that are the credits.

The DVD has the title with some artwork.

Comedies and SongsEdit

  1. 3rd Wheel
  2. Dogs on Fire
  3. Chick-fil-a
  4. Homeschool Blues
  5. A Whiff of Kansas
  6. Texting
  7. Snuggies, Really?
  8. The Can Turns Blue
  9. Unwashed Masses
  10. McDonalds
  11. Bad Candy
  12. Sunchip Toenails
  13. 1000 Calories a Day
  14. We Survived
  15. Freaky Centaur
  16. The Government Can
  17. Creeped Out
  18. Nondenominational
  19. Insanitized
  20. Kid Stuff
  21. Too Cumbersome
  22. Wipe Me
  23. I'm a Christian
  24. Twinkie
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